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Live URL Control From a Remote Location

Now you can share an URL Live and can control it from a remote location by Framote. Framote is a new website which makes your work easy. It will also tell you about how many people are presently connected to your shorten URL.

What‘s new in Framote ?

Unlike tradional URL sharing websites, Framote will add some extra flavors to your shorten URLs. Your experience of sharing URLs will become extremely LIVE. Go to Framote and enter an URL. Press the create button to get an unique shorten URL. Now you can freely share the unique URL to anybody at anytime. Framote also gives you an option to change the original URL. If you change it then it will be automatically reflected in other’s computer instantly. Below image explains it.
Live URL sharing

How Can I change the original URL ?

  • While shortening an URL, Framote will give you back 2 URLs. One is the shorten URL  and the other one is the control URL.
  • Go to the control URL and change the address to which that points to.
  • To prevent others from modifying it, you can also set a password.

How Framote Does it ?

It loads the website in an iframe and makes an ajax request at a regular interval to verify whether the original URL has been changed. If the original URL changes, the source attribute of the inframe will change suddenly.