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Who Will Be a Billionaire – Interactive Quiz Game in MS Excel

This quiz game is an interactive practice game for learners, students and teachers. This is exclusively meant for your practice and educational purpose. We have tried to keep all possible lifelines and options so that you will feel it more interesting.
We have created the game with MS Excel using visual basic. So no need of any extra software to play the game.


Game Rules

  • The game will start with $0 and There will be 30 questions to reach at 1 billion.
  • There will be 6 lifelines to help you.(Look in the image).
  • Some lifelines may be new for you so read about them before playing the game.
  • Be careful while answering the questions because once you give the wrong answer the game will be over.
  • After game over your name will be saved in the Excel file with your score.

    Who will be a Billionaire ?

How to set your own questions ?

If you are a teacher or a developer and needs to set your own questions for your students or wants to unlock this Excel game kindly purchase it from below link.

Download here

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