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How To Reveal The Hidden Files With Comman Prompt

To view the hidden files in your computer you need to go to Folder Options –> View –> Show Hidden Files and Folders. It is a very traditional way to view the hidden files and bit lengthier also. But today I am going to tell you some very easy ways to do this. Yes, I mean very easy.

Method 1

Very very simple and it will show all the files and folders including the hidden. To do this, just press and hold your shift key and then right click on the folder where you want to see the hidden files. In the right click menu you will get an option like Open Command Window here. Click on it. The command window will open exactly in the folder location. Now keep on pressing your Tab key to see all the files and folders including the hidden.

Method 2

First do the underlined portion of method1. After doing that the command window will open in the target folder. Do one thing just type dir and press enter. It will list all files and folders. Ha ha……….Wait wait wait. No need to be happy. Just look the output, the hidden files and folders are still missing in the result. Oh noooooooo.

Don’t show your sad face to us. Just type the following command and press enter

dir /a:h

Do you want its description ? Ok Fine. The /a indicates what attributes are going to be displayed. Then the “h” indicates to Hidden attributes. Are you getting me ? 🙂

I want to show only hidden folders, not hidden files. Can I do it ?
Oh nice question. The answer is absolutely yes. To show only hidden folders just type the following.

dir /a:hd

Description: Agian the same fundametal applicable here. Just we passed another attribute “d” to show only directories not files. Just online description sufficient to understand. :)

See you next time. Bye.

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