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How to Create an HTML Editor With Just 10 Lines

You might be a student, a blogger or a web designer, if you are dealing with a webpage then you must also be dealing with HTML codes. The technology may be ASP, JSP or PHP, but at the end of the day HTML is required to display contents in a webpage. To work with HTML, you may need an HTML editor. There are many online editors which you can obviously use. But for offline purpose you can create your own HTML editor with just 10 lines.

Some online HTML editors and generators

Some best online HTML editors which you can use are:

Out of these three, I personally liked the 1st one because it contains a rich text editor with a lot of options to format your content.

How can I create my own HTML editor

Well, Now come to the real topic. With just 10 lines of HTML codes you can create an editor which will be very handy to you. A simple editor which is required for everyone. Just copy and paste the following code in a notepad and save it in .html extension.

You will feel its importance only after you use it. It will be useful when you are offline. The code is also very simple and light weight.

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