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How to Create Cute Animations With PowerPoint

We can create attractive animations with Microsoft PowerPoint. Today I am going to describe you how to do this easily with a few clicks. Everything I will describe in a step wise manner. Here the theme is “A BOY IS GOING TOWARDS A GIRL TO GIVE A ROSE”.

  • Open MS PowerPoint and create a new blank slide
  • If previously any object is present in the slide then delete them
  • Now create two objects, one boy and one girl using the tools as highlighted in the below figure
How to Create Animations with MS PowerPoint
How to Create Animations with MS PowerPoint
  • Now you need to group the individual elements of the objects
  • To do so, first select all the elements of the girl, right click at any one edge
  • Group option will be there, click on it
  • If group option is not there then you are doing mistakes in right clicking at proper position. You need to right click at any one edge of the elements as shown in the right side figure.
  • After grouping, all individual elements will behave as a single object and it will be easier to move them. You need to group all the elements of the boy also in the same way.
  • Now create about 7-8 blank slides and copy the content of the 1st slide to each of the blank slides.
  • Now you need to do small manipulations in each of the slides those you have newly created.
  • In the second slide keep the boy little bit closer towards the girl and also slightly move his hand and leg so that it will seem to be walking.
  • The same process you need to continue up to 8th slide, while moving the boy little closer towards the girl in the next slide as compared to the previous. Also don’t forget to move his hand and leg so that it appears to be walking.
  • In the last slide keep the boy at 2cm apart from the girl with a rose in his hand.
  • Now go to slide no. 1 by clicking on it. 
  • Then go to “Animations” tab which is present at 4th position in the tab list from right.
  • Then at the right most corner you can see a section called “Advance Slide”.
  • There you need to first un-select the “On Mouse Click” check box
  • Then select the “Automatically After” check box and set the time to 00:01
    How to Create Animations with MS PowerPoint 
  • Do this same process up to 7th slide and for the 8th slide you don’t need to change anything.
  • Save the file as “PowerPoint Show” and enjoy the animation

Although the animation is not so much effective but the idea behind this post is to let you know how small animations can be done by PowerPoint. Very high quality animations can be done by adobe macromedia flash but this is very difficult to learn for a layman. But in PowerPoint anybody can easily develop small animations for children. In my next tutorial I will tell you how to trigger an animation by a button and how to create a status bar animation in PowerPoint.