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Finally We Switched To Disqus Comment System

Just a new message to all our visitors and fans. We have changed our comment system to Disqus. Today Disqus is the most popular platform and being used by most of the popular websites and blogs. So we decided to switch to Disqus.

Anyway, we have one good news and one bad news. Good news is that, we implemented Disqus comment system and it is looking good both graphically and functionally on our blog. The bad news is that we are going to loose all the previous comments given by many Facebook users. The counter will again start from Zero. 🙁

Then why we switched to Disqus ?
Just for four reasons we changed to Disqus. 
  • We marked that many Facebook users don’t want to reveal their names in public. But it is obvious that when they will comment in our blog their name will appear there.
  • Many users from US and UK think 10 times before giving a comment, this happens only for security reason. For security purpose they don’t want to use Facebook account for public comments.

    Just we want to provide a message to them, Facebook comments are very very secure. You are not providing any confidential information. Then why should you  afraid for giving your opinions on our blog.
  • Some lazy visitors visit our blog to whom neither of the two statements above is applicable. But the problem with them is, if they are not logged in Facebook they will not comment even though they want to say something on some topic.
  • The last but not the least is Facebook does not support Anonymous comments. You are bound to login to your either Faceboook or Yahoo or Hotmail or AOL. But on the contrary Disqus provides support for Anonymous comments. Anyone can give comment just by giving name and email anonymously. No need to login to Facebook or any other account and the email they provide will not be displayed there.
Ok, But you are going to loose all previous Facebook comments. What you say about that ?

Just have to say only one word. “No pain no gain”. We need to care about others feelings also. If we are getting some more comments in Disqus at the expense of loosing the Facebook comments then no problem. Our Disqus comments will start from the counter zero, then also no problem.

A final message to all

You can now freely give your opinions on Disqus. It is ready for you. You can even leave your comments anonymously, but remember don’t spam there. We will delete all the spam comments. I will suggest you to signup in Disqus as this will help you to track your comments.

See you next time. Bye.