Computer Tricks

Don’t be Sad: Command Window Size Can be Increased

I have seen, many people assume that the size of the command window is fixed in Windows7. They really miss the zoomed command prompt window. Sometimes some characters go beyond the window size and the entire layout gets distorted. But I think, today I have to clear all your doubts. Just be cool and listen to me. Every problem has a solution. 

How to do it
Don’t be so serious, I am not going to give you a half-an-hour instruction. It is just 4-5 lines of instructions.
  • Open your command prompt window.
  • Right click on the title bar, click on Properties.
  • Go to the Layout tab and Just increase the Screen Buffer Size and Window Size according to your requirement.
  • Now you can maximize your command window as per your requirement.
Screen Buffer Size and Window Size

  • Now you are done. 
  • Just go and have a cup of coffee and do you work comfortably.