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Dec 21 is Coming Soon, Oh My God

11 months before we entered into the Judgement Year. Just before 3 days we entered into Judgement Month. And now countdown starts. Only 17 days are left to enter into Judgement Day. Oh My God, What will happen. Finally the date of horror came. 

I wanna say just two lines about my life. I stay in New Delhi and my mom in Orissa. My mom says “Roshan, come to Orissa before Dec 21. If world destroys then we will die together.

*Roshan is my nick name.
What‘s gonna happen

The answer is simply nothing. It’s not me, it‘s NASA who says world is not going to end on Dec 21. It will be a normal day as we see every year. NASA also says,  Mayan calendar does not cease to exist after Dec 21, it is just the end of their long-count period. After Dec 21 another long count period will start.

Just read this page created by NASA. I don‘t know how many of you have read this before. Read it carefully. Everything has been written with sufficient proof. Thanks to NASA for creating such a page which cleared all our doubts.
The funniest thing that is going to happen

We now confirmed that Dec 21 is going to be another normal day for us and nothing special will happen on that day. But still most of us can not sleep peacefully on Dec 21 night.

So a message to all of you. Just sleep quietly and peacefully on Dec 21 night. God is with us. 

See you next time. Bye.