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Best Tool For Searching Files: Everything Search

Now a days we keep tons of files in our computer. Searching for a particular file in the sea of files is really a difficult task. Increase in the number of files leads to the increase in the searching time. But in today‘s busy world nobody has time. So an effective file search has become very essential for our life. But thanks to Everything Search to make our work more easier. It helps us to search files quickly.

How it searches and where can I download it ?

  • Everything Search is a tool using which you can search files in our computer very quickly.
  • This tool internally records all the files and folders name in a database. It takes few seconds to index all the files.
  • It also monitors your current file system changes and quickly updates its database.
  • It consumes very less memory space but still can perform effective file search.
  • The very important fact is it is completely free.
  • To make your search even advanced, you can use Boolean operators (AND, |, !), Wildcard symbols (*, ?) and regular expressions.
  • You can also exclude/include drives to make your search more quicker. For example: If you searching for a file which can not present inside C: drive then you can exclude C: drive from the list.
Exclude Folders
  • To get more detailed information about the file search, read this FAQ page.
  • You can download this application here.
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