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Happy to Declare Our Plan For a WordPress Blog

Hey friends,
After about 7 days I am writing again, I was just busy with some work. Anyway, now I will continue writing. This time I am very happy to declare that we have planned to create a WordPress blog very soon. And about what we will write is just a secret for you. We will declare all about it on the day of its launch. We will parallellly write for both these blogs.(Don’t be so serious, it may take about 1 month to launch.)

Few words about my life here In New Delhi

Winter is dancing here. Everything is getting chilled. Nobody wants to getup early.

“Sunny morning, mobile alarming, time 8 AM, snoring inside blanket, alarm continues ringing, nobody stops it, alarm gets auto stopped, after 10 minutes, alarm rings again, this time eye open, looking through the blanket, its 8:10 AM, pressing the snooze button, lets dream again, after 10 minutes alarm again rings up, sad eyes open again, looking into the mobile, its 8:20 AM, stopping the alarm, thinking with half closed eyes and half engaged mind, lets sleep for just 3 minutes (yesss only 3 minutes, not even 1 second more), eyes closed again, curling the legs, dragging the blankets more closer, Grrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,
(1 hour goes just like 3 minutes)

Suddenly eyes open but this time wide open, searching for the mobile under the pillow, under the bed, Ohhhh syeettt  it is on the floor, fallen down from bed, its back-cover is out, but thank god the battery is still there, no time to put the back cover, just see the time, Oh my God its 9:20 AM, have to reach office by 9:30 AM, just have 10 minutes to do everything, rush to washing basin, searching for the tooth paste, Ohhhh its on sofa, thanks god atleast I got it, brushing teeth-2mins, other daily works-4 mins, wearing dresses-2 mins, no time to wear the belt, lets wear it on the road, rush to Office, on the road-7 mins, finally reaching office 9:35 AM, thank god, just 5 minutes late, thinking for a while, tomorrow onwards I will sleep earlier and get up early, life continues, no changes in the routine, enjoying the life, 10 minutes office preparation will be ever green in mind. 

Hope you enjoyed this. This is my life. You can say your views in the comment. Bye.