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What the Save Icon Indicates in Microsoft’s Products ?

Almost everyday we use Microsoft’s products. Microsoft Office is so popular that, it has become an integral part of out life. Microsoft has done a lot of functional and graphical changes to its MS office. You can see the difference between MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007, a huge difference. But have you ever marked the tiny save icon remained as it is in the older versions. Microsoft has never has changed its save icon since a long time. Then what is the secret behind this save icon. What does it indicates ?

What the save icon indicates ?

Really speaking the save icon indicates the image of a floppy disk.  Once it was the time when people used to store their data in 1.44MB 3.5″ floppy disks. But now it is completely out of fashion. Today’s child may not even understand what floppy disk is. But still the same image is used for saving purposes in many software applications. You can find the same image even in the most recent products of Microsoft and surprisingly Adobe reader and many other famous applications are also not an exception for it.

Will the icon ever change ?

Even though using the floppy disk is just like a dream today, it is very difficult to change the shape of the save icon. The icon is so familiar among the users that they can not replace it with something other in their mind. It does not matter what icon you are using for a particular functionality as long as every users are able to understand the meaning of the symbol. 

But the real fact is that rarely we click on the symbol for saving our documents, rather we prefer the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S to save. If forcibly we are changing the symbol of the floppy disk then certainly the frequency of clicking the button will still decrease.