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What is GodMode in Windows7 ?

Although we use Windows7 everyday but still we are not aware of this trick. There are thousands of control options in Windows. Some of them we use in our day today life. Have you ever thought of gathering all the existing windows7 control options in a single folder. Exactly the same what GodMode does. It will create shortcut type of thing in which you will get all the control options in a single folder.

How to create it ?
  • Create a folder anywhere in your computer and rename the folder to 
  • After you rename it, the folder icon will automatically change to a control panel icon and when you open it you can get all the control options in the same folder.
  • You will get all types control options like Folder options, Internet options, Indexing options, Keyboard options, Network and sharing options, Mouse options, Location and other sensors and many more.

Some more Information about it
  • This GodMode is working fine with Windows7 and Windows Vista.
  • While renaming the folder you can put anything in place of the GodMode before the dot(.)
  • For example you can rename it to XYZ.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  • It will create a shortcut folder with name XYZ