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URL X-ray: Find Where the Shortened URLs Lead to

While surfing internet I stumble upon a very nice website. Very small but really with a great idea. Now a days we use URL shorteners to shorten the longer URLs. Generally Twitter users do an extensive use of this as there is a limitation in the number of letters that you can tweet. When we see an URL in shortened form, we can not guess to which web address the URL is pointing. Blindly we click on it. But this may create a problem if the destination URL is harmful with virus contents.

Is there any solution for it ?

Yes there is a very easy solution for this. Go to URL-Xray, enter the tiny URL and click on the X-ray button. This website will show you to which web address the tiny URL is pointing. If the destination URL is a reliable one then you will proceed otherwise don’t click on it.

URL X-ray

How to make even more easier ?

Now I will tell you another very useful idea which will help you not to always visit the URL X-ray website every time you find a shortened URL. Just go to where you will find a bookmarklet option. You can also find a complete instruction for how to add it to your toolbar. Just do it and the next time you find a tiny URL you can verify its destination from your toolbar itself.

Have a nice time….