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The Next Generation Alarm Clock

(Submitted by Saurav Misra)
The Next Generation Alarm Clock
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  •  Here is an interesting app for android smart phone:
  • Are you getting bored to wake up early ?? 
  • This is a next generation alarm clock which will never  let you feel irritate while awaking early in the morning. 
  • This app uses the Accelerometer of your android device to detect your movements during night. 
  • The advanced algorithm which is used in this app determines your phase of sleep & sets off the alarm at the perfect time. 
  • You will never wake up from a deep sleep feeling groggy again.
  • Picture-1  Set your alarm 
  • Picture-2 Put your phone on your bed face down. 
  • Picture-3 Here you can see the graph of your sleeping time i.e. you can determine how deep/light  you have slept and for what duration from that graph. 
  • Picture-4  Settings
Alarm Clock
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Where to donload
You can download it from Google Play. The link is ready for you.
Download link:
Use it now & Enjoy your sleep ! ! !

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