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How to Copy The List of Program Installed to a Notepad

In our day-to-day life we deal across hundreds of list of data in our computer. Some lists or table allow us to copy the data but some don't. One of such example is the list of program installed in our computer. When you go to control panel and click on uninstall or change a program, it will list out all the software those have been installed in your computer. But if you want to copy the list of program installed then how to do it ? I have an idea 🙂

How to copy a list to a notepad

Just follow these simple steps

  • Open your control panel and go to lists of program installed
  • Open snipping tool and take a screenshot of the program as shown in the following image

  • Don't take the screen shots of the icons, just confined the area of the screenshots to the text portions
  • It is not mandatory to use snipping tool, you can use other screenshots programs to take the screenshot.
  • After you take the screen shot just open Microsoft OneNote (You can find OneNote in MS Office) and paste the screenshot.
  • Then right click on the image and click on Copy Text from Picture
  • MS OneNote will automatically detect the texts in the image. Paste it in notepad and you are done.

If you have any problem then drop a comment. This technique is very easy and can be used at many situations.