Computer Tricks

How to Access Desktop Without Minimizing Anything

A very funny but interesting trick. We generally open many windows simultaneously while working in our computer. When we require to access any icon on desktop we generally use shortcut key windows+D to go to desktop directly. There are 4 other methods to access desktop. You can read them. But in those processes all the open windows will be minimized. Then how to access desktop without minimizing anything.

Don’t expect a great answer for this. A very silly answer I have. Just do the following steps to integrate.
  • Right click on your taskbar and click on Properties.
  • A window will open, go to the Toolbars tab and click on Desktop.
Taskbar and Start Menu Properties
  • After above 2 steps are done you can find a small icon for your desktop will appear on your taskbar.
Access desktop from your taskbar
  • You can click on it to access all the icons present on your desktop.