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Make Unlimited Free Calls From Your Mobile Phone

(Suggested by Masood Ahmad Khan)
Day by day our communication network is increasing and side by side our mobile bill is touching the Mount Everest. Some times we get frustrated with our mobile bill and search for free mobile calls in Google. You can’t deny that you don’t do. The same situation also has happened to me and many times I have searched for the same in Google. But now all of our dreams come true. You can make unlimited free calls from your mobile provided you have an Android or iphone.

How to do it ?
  • You can make unlimited free calls to 40 countries in world by the beautiful Android and iphone App CrowdCall.
  • This will also allow you to make free conference call from your phone.
  • This service is completely free. You can make 5 calls/day with each call for unlimited duration.
  • If you want to make more than 5 free calls then you can purchase credits.
What are its key features ?
  • No PINs or dial in numbers are required
  • Up to 20 peoples can participate in one conference at a time.
  • This is secure and private because only those people can participate in the call to whom you have invited.
  • The person to whom you are calling doesn’t need the application necessarily.
  • No service charge or App charge or any hidden charge is required, it is completely free for 40 countries @ 5 unlimited calls/day.
Where to download ?
  • This app is available both in Google play and itune gallery.