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How to Transpose Excel Data from Rows to Columns

Many a times it happens that we need to transpose the Excel data from columns to rows or vice-versa. But no need to search more in Google for this simple trick or no need to use any Macro or any program. Microsoft has kept a very nice option to easily convert rows to columns and vice-versa. Just go through the following instructions.

  • Just select and copy the data from an Excel table as shown in the following figure.
Selcet & Copy the table
  • After coping the data, press Ctrl+n to open a new Excel.
  • Right click on the new Excel and click on Paste Special
Paste Specials...
  • A window will appear where you can find a check box called Transpose at the bottom. Make it checked and click OK.
Transpose Excel table
  • Now your table has been transposed.