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How to Change the Home Page of Micromax Dongle ?

Are you a Micromax dongle user ? Its very irritating that every time you connect to the internet and a home page of Micromax site opens and it will take 0.5-1 mb memory usage.

As per my concern use of  3G SIM in a dongle is not so cheap. Due to  unnecessary use of ~1mb during each net connection makes the user unhappy. Because if you are connecting net 1-2 times in a day it means you are spending 30-40mb  net  unnecessarily  in a month. So I am going to tell you a very easy trick through which you can change the landing page of the dongle to your desired one (Home Page).

Just Follow these easy steps to do it:

  • Open My Computer C: Drive  Program Files MMX353G 3G USB Manager(I am using this model of Micromax so if you are using any other model search for that folder in Program files)

  • In the Micromax folder search for the file UsbModem.ini and open it.
  • Then search for the Home page URL as shown in the below image and replace it with your desired one.

  • Finally don't forget to save the file and you are done.
  • Disconnect your dongle and close the Micromax software. Now reconnect it & see the magic.

Enjoy Surfing and save unnecessary usage of net.:)