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E-book export feature enabled on Wikipedia

You will be surprised to know that Wikipedia has enabled the E-book exporting feature just before a week. Using this feature you can now add different Wikipedia pages to your online E-book. There are millions of article in Wikipedia. Just go on surfing and continue adding article of your choice into your E-book. And finally you can export your E-book in PDF format or you can also order a printed format of the book.

E-book creator on Wikipedia

How to do it ?
  • To export your E-book just go to the Book Creator page present on Wikipedia.
  • As you open the URL you can see a Green button called Start book creator.
  • Click on it and the Book creation process will be enabled.
  • Now you can see an option to add a page to your E-book on every Wikipedia article you visit. See the picture below.
  • Go on adding pages to your book.
  • When you complete adding pages to your E-book, click on Show book link as shown below.
  • It will take you to a page where you can set a Title and Subtitle for your book and can download the book in PDF/Open Document/OpenZim or EPUB format.
  • You can also order a printed book from PediaPress from the same page.
What else you can do with it ?
  • The book creator can also suggest you some pages to add into your E-book by analyzing the current set of pages that you have already added to your book.
  • At any point of time you can disable the book creating feature by clicking on the link disable.
  • You can also add pages without visiting them. When you will hover your mouse on a link it will show you a pop-up saying “Add linked wiki page to your book“.