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How to send .EXE files as attachment in Gmail

Are you going to send some .EXE or .BAT file to someone in Gmail ? But unfortunately Gmail doesn’t allow executable files(.dll, .exe, .bat, .ocx) to be sent as attachment. Although these files will be successfully uploaded as attachment but when you try to send the email it will show you the following error.

Executable files can't be sent as attachment

Even if you will  try to make zip file containing the executable files then also Gmail will trace out those files and will not allow you to send the mail.

Then how to send .EXE and .BAT ?

Today I will tell you 3 ways to easily send executable files in Gmail.
  1. Upload the file in cloud: Upload the files Google docs or Mediafire or somewhere else in the cloud and then send the link to the person to download the files. It is better to upload the files in the cloud because the files will never be deleted from the cloud and the receiver can download the file even 3 years later.
  2. Compress the files using WinRar or 7-Zip: You can compress the executable files using WinRar and 7-Zip. WinRar will generate .rar and 7-Zip will generate .7z. Gmail can not detect the .exe files present inside these compressed files.
  3. Change the file extension: You can change the file extension of the executable files to other formats. But in this method you have to mention that, after downloading the file the extension should be changed to its original .exe or .bat extension. Example: You can change Application.exe to and send the file. After downloading, the file extension must be changed from .abc to .exe.