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How to make your phone transparent ?

You might have heard about Apple’s high cost transparent phone. This is really a greatest innovation of this decade. Do you really want to have something transparent in your pocket ? But how to get this with an affordable price ? Yes you can do it. I will tell you how to convert your normal phone to a transparent one. There is an Android app which will convert your phone to transparent by using your camera. You don’t have to invest a single penny but your phone will be completely transparent.

What are its features ?
  • You can see who is approaching you while reading book or browsing internet.
  • You can hide the app icon in your phone so that nobody can know that you have installed the app.
  • You can even take photo while using this feature.
  • You can set the transparency level of your screen.
How to do it ?
  • Go to this Transparent Screen by JulyCamera web page and install the app.
  • You may need to allow system permission and phone call permission. System permission is to display the preview overlay in your screen. Phone call permission is used to hide this app icon in your phone.
  • This app will just take the photo from the back camera and display on the screen during which you can continue normal operation in your mobile so virtually converting your mobile to a transparent one.