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How to Get Back the Old Facebook Layout

Previously Facebook has a simple layout. The stuffs were not cluttered on the screen. Everything was clear. But as the number of users increase, number of friends increase, number of updates increase, then it became very difficult to handle the updates in the simple layout. So Facebook introduced the new timeline layout in which you can view your updates on two columns. And it is obvious that in a two column screen, things will be more cluttered than that of previous. 

Now a question arises whether all the users of Facebook were ready for the drastic change that occurred in the user interface. The answer is big NO. Some people still dislike the timeline interface. If you are one of them then don’t worry. Here is a very good solution for you.

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  • Facebook says, you can not revert back to your old layout once you upgrade to the timeline layout.
  • But always people find out a way to resolve a problem.
  • You can make it possible by a Google Chrome plugin.
  • To do this you have to have Google chrome browser installed in your PC.
  • If it already installed then open Google Chrome and download the plugin from below.
  • Download  the plugin to remove time-line view
Update: This app is nolonger available
  • Add it to your browser.
  • After it is successfully added to your browser you are done.
  • Open Facebook to see your beautiful old layout.
  • If you want to revert back again to the timeline layout click on the small icon present at the top right corner of your browser as shown in the following figure and change the status.
Remove timeline in Facebook
  • Everything will work fine if you will correctly do it. I have tested it and it is working great for me. Hope the same for you.