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Get Serial Number of Your PC From Command Prompt

Every PC has its own serial number, model number and MAC address. Suppose you had purchased your PC three years before and now it shows some technical problem. You suddenly made a phone call to the service center and asked to resolve the issue but they are asking its serial number and model number. You immediately rushed to your PC to see the serial number but Oops the sticker is not there. It has been turned out. You then moved your PC 360 degree, searched for everything here and there but unfortunately found nothing. Now you are in a trouble. How you can tell them your model number and serial number. But don’t fear I am here. There is still a trick to know your model number, serial number and other info.

Just copy and paste the following code in a Notepad and save it in .bat extension. Remember you have to save it in .bat extension. For example you can give it a name Computer.bat

@echo off
wmic csproduct get name
wmic csproduct get IdentifyingNumber
wmic csproduct get UUID
wmic csproduct get Vendor
wmic csproduct get Version

After you save the file just double click it to open. Now everything will be displayed on your computer screen. The name indicates the Computer model number and the IdentifyingNumber indicates the serial number of your PC. 

Now your problem is solved. Be cool and call the service center again. Tell them your model number, serial number and whatever information they are asking.