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How to change folder colors in Windows

Have you ever tried to change the colors of the folder in your PC, you might have failed to do so because in windows there is no default facility to colorize the folders. But today I will tell you how to colorize your folder by Folder Colorizer. It is a free software which will help you to assign different  colors to folders.

Why you need folder colorization ?

You might have seen in our email inbox there is an option to colorize the mails. Do you know why the option is there ? By colorization we can categorize different mails. Similarly by folder colorization we can categorize different folders according to their name and requirement. For example we can assign Green Color to office folder, Red color to Wallpaper, Blue color to mp3 folder. By colorization it will be easy for us to search the folders in the sea of folders.

Colorized folders
How to do it ?
  • Download the Folder Colorzier software and install it. It is complete free.
  • There will be no interface to change the color. Just right click on a folder which you want to colorize.
  • After you right click go to Colorize! and you will see following color options
Different Color options
  • You can also add your own color. There will be an option to compose new colors.
  • In the above picture you can see a link called Colors…, click on it and you will have an option to create your own color.