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5 hidden but interesting facts about Windows calculator

There are a lot of hidden things associated with your windows calculator. We know only those basic things which you come across daily in our day-today  life. But do you know your windows calculator is as much powerful as your engineering calculator. You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of hidden things those Microsoft has integrated with the calculator but we are not aware.

Note: All these tricks are applicable for scientific mode of your calculator. So to enable scientific mode just go to View–>Scientific. Shortcut keys for scientific mode is Alt+2

View your Calculation history

In the scientific mode just press Ctrl+H and it will show you all the calculation history that you have done. Is not it useful ? We all know that in a standard calculator this history viewing is possible but how many of you know that the facility is also present in windows calculator.

Don’t need to type, just Ctrl+v to calculate

No need to type lengthy equation in calculator. Just copy and paste it in calculator. It will directly calculate the expression for you. Try with the following expression.
Example: 3+(30/4+5)*2=

Is it a Bug in windows calculator ?

Many people think that this is a bug in windows calculator. This is really amazing for a layman. Just write 9 in calculator, then press the square root button and then subtract 3 from it. As per our calculation it should give zero. But it does not give. It gives some fractional value.

Windows Calculator

Do you also think it is a bug ? If it is so, then change your mind. After reading in many blogs and forums I concluded that this is not a bug. Actually according to the scope of calculator the square root of 9 is not exactly 3 rather it is nearly equal to 3. However if you will calculate Sqrt(9)+3 you will never get fractional values it is because if the answer is coming greater than zero, it does not show you the fractional part which is almost negligible. But if the answer is coming to be zero then it shows you the fractional part although it is negligible.
Interesting Shortcut keys for Windows Calculator

Key Function Key Function
N ln,
Ctrl+B Cube root O, Ctrl+O Cos, Cosh
P, ctrl+P Pi(3.141), M
D Modulo Operation Q, Ctrl+Q Sqr, M-
E Multiplied with exponent of 10 R, Ctrl+R Reciprocal, MR
S, Ctrl+S Sin, sinh
T, Ctrl+T Tan, Tanh
Ctrl+H Show Histroy U
I Inverse the trigonometric functions V F-E
X Multiplied with exponent of 10
L, Ctrl+L Logarithm, MC Y, Ctrl+Y To the power, yth root
M, Ctrl+M dms, MS Z

Easily calculate your age by Windows Calculator

In windows calculator just press Ctrl+E to open the date calculation. From the drop down menu choose Calculate the difference between two dates. In he first date enter your date of birth and in the second date give today’s date. It will exactly show your age in years, months and days.