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3 Best and Easy Ways to Convert Document to PDF

We come across many file types in our daily life. Portable Document Format(PDF) is a very well known file format. Today there are millions of PDF files in internet. We all download a lot of them, as we can‘t buy the hard copy every time. So this article is regarding how to convert a document into PDF format. Today I will tell you 3 useful ways to do it.

1. Document to PDF converter software

There is a very popular free software to convert word to pdf. Download the software from below location.

Download Link: Download Cute PDF

While installing the PDF Writer, it will prompt you to download the free PDF converter. Download the converter also. Then install it. After installing the software, you are almost done. Don’t search for the shortcut to run the application. To convert any document to PDF, just open the document and press Ctrl+p to print the document. Set the printer as Cute PDF Writer from the drop down and press OK to save as PDF. The same has been shown in the following image.

Cute PDF Writer

2. SaveAsPDF plugin for MS Word

There is a beautiful plugin for MS Word which you can use to easily convert word document into PDF files.You will get this plugin in Microsoft’s own website. 

Download Link: SaveAsPDF plugin

Just install the plugin and you are done. To convert a document into PDF just go to Save As–>PDF.

3. Online Document to PDF converter

There are a lot of online document to PDF converter. If you have internet then you can easily use these services.

(Note for Google Docs: Go to Google docs–>Upload the file–>Select the file in Google docs–>Click on more–>Click on Download–>Change the file type to PDF)

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