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Amazing body motion simulator for 3D games

While playing 3D games we generally strive to maintain the screen with the mouse. It is generally very difficult to maintain the point of view. But now surprisingly all your difficulties are gone. Thanks to FreeTrack head motion simulator. This free software will increase your pleasure, realism and immersion in games.

A brief introduction

4 Points Cap assembly example
FreeTrack is a software used to simulate head movements in 3D games, this will increase your reality and fun while the game being played. With just small movements of your head, the point of view will change in the screen. This software is compatible with almost all games.
The task is achieved by a webcam and markers (made of head-fixed diodes). The head tracking can be done by one of the following 4 methods. 
(a) 1 Single point – 2DOF, easy to setup and very accurate.
(b) 3 Point clip – 6DOF, clip fastened on headphones.

(c) 3 Point cap – 6DOF, fastened on a cap.
(d) 4 Point cap – still available but obsolete.
You will get all these information in this user manual

A very important news is, there is no need of any “Infrared webcam” !!! The plain usual webcam works fine here !.

FreeTrack software
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Where to download ?

You can download the software in the following link.

The new features which has been added in the FreeTrack are
  • Better tracking accuracy
  • Better profile management
  • Bluetooth connected Nintendo™ Wiimote™ can be used as a high quality tracking device
  • New games and cameras are supported, notably full 6DOF in FS2004
  • Multilanguage support
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