Computer Interesting Techniques Tricks Useful

5 Useful Computer Tricks You Must Know

1. Use of windows key

WindowsOpen start menu
WindowsOpen start menu
Windows+DShow desktop
Windows+EOpen My Computer
Windows+LLock your computer
Windows+MMinimize all open windows
Shift+Windows+MUndo minimize all
Windows+PStarts print manager
Windows+ROpen run dialog box
Windows+TFocus the taskbar
Windows+UOpen ease of access center
Windows+VTo paste the pure text without formatting
Windows+1/2/3To open different tabs in taskbar
Windows+Shift+1/2/3To create a new instance of the tabs in the taskbar
Windows+plus signOpen magnifier
Windows+f1Open Help
Windows+pauseOpen windows system properties
Windows+Tab3D view of all open windows

2. How to instantly write something in windows 7

Go to start menu and type “Sticky Notes“. Open Stick Notes and write something. You don’t even need to save the data. It will be automatically saved.

3. How to insert special characters in notepad/email/webpage

In Microsoft Word you can obviously insert many special characters but how can you insert them in notepad/webpage/email etc. Yes there is a way to do this. Go to start menu and type “Character Map“. Open Character Map and choose any special character, copy-paste it in the required place.

4. How to get a colorful command prompt

Open command prompt and type color <attr>

Color attributes are specified by TWO hex digits and the first digit represents the background and the second represents the foreground (font color).  Each digit
can be any of the following values:

    0 = Black       8 = Gray
    1 = Blue          9 = Light Blue
    2 = Green      A = Light Green
    3 = Aqua        B = Light Aqua
    4 = Red          C = Light Red
    5 = Purple      D = Light Purple
    6 = Yellow      E = Light Yellow
    7 = White       F = Bright White

Example: color ec
This will convert the background color to yellow and the text color to red.

5. How to make your friend fool

  • Go to the desktop in your friend’s PC. (When she/he is absent)
  • Click prt scr button in keyboard.
  • Then paste the snapshot in paint and save it on the desktop.
  • Then go to desktop and right click on the image–>Set as desktop background.
  • Now right click in open area on desktop –> View –> Un-check the Show desktop icons
  • Right click on the taskbar–> Properties–>Auto-hide the taskbar
  • Now it’s the time to call your friend to make him/her fool.
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