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Useful and Interesting Computer Tricks

1. Rename Multiple files simultaneously

You can rename multiple files simultaneously. This technique is required when you want to assign serial numbers to files. No need to go to individual file to rename. Just edit the first file and automatically all files will be renamed.
  • Select all the files you want to rename.
  • Then press f2
  • It will now show you an option to rename the first file.
  • Rename it and press enter
  • Now if you want to undo the rename then again select all the files and press Ctrl+z
Rename Multiple Files simultaneously


2. How not to display windows splash screen during start up

If you will not display the windows splash screen during start up then your system will become bit faster and you will not feel bore while you restart your PC.
  • Go to start menu and type msconfig
  • Click on the search result, the system configuration window will open
  • Go to Boot tab, and select the No GUI Boot check box
  • Now you are done, click OK.
Don't display Windows splash screen during start up


3. Display multiple clocks in Windows

You can simultaneously display multiple analog clocks in windows. If you want to compare your timing with other country’s time then this technique will be helpful to you.
  • Click on the date present at the bottom right position of your desktop
  • Then click on the Change date and time settings…
  • A window will open, click on the Additional clocks tab
  • Then click on Show this clock check boxes to show additional clocks
Display Multiple Clocks in Windows