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Some amazing search engines like Google

Everyday we use Google. Today Google has become an essential part of our life. But if you are using Google then you must also try the following search engines. I can challenge, you will definitely like all of them. 
Search for different document types
This is a very useful search engine which will allow you document wise search. The documents type it can search are PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, RTF, HWP, TXT, AI, PS, DWF, SWF, KML, KMZ. Just click on the document type you want to search. Then search for some keyword. Surprisingly it will filter out those file types.

It will help you to do instant search just like Google. You can search the web and images simultaneously. In the search results a separate column will appear, where all the result thumbnail images will be displayed. As the name of the website suggests, you can use keyboard to go up-down as well as left-right in the search result.

Access you search results through your keyboard


Just search for a song and listen itHere you can search any type of songs in the world. Just type the keyboard and search, it will show you all possible suggestions for that keyword for your search. It has a very beautiful user interface. Just choose your song and directly listen online. I have never seen such type of user friendly website before.


This is quite different from others. This will only show you some alternatives of your keyword. Let me explain by an example. Lets consider, I want to buy a mobile phone. But I know only one brand NOKIA. Searching for NOKIA will show some other alternatives like iphone, samsung, motorola, sony ericsson, blackberry, siemens.


Search for different varities
This is a search engine which will allow you to search different varieties. This is really very useful for those people who want to search about a particular topic.

Here I set the search varieties to “Recipe” and searched for “rice”. It gave all the recipes with rice.


Oh my God……… This is really a very exciting search engines which will give data about a person. Just type his/her name or email or user name or phone, it will give you details about that person. Honestly saying, I had never seen such type of websites before. It gives the details like: user name, profile photos, the places where I have signed up, Picassa photos etc. Among all of the above search engines I like this the most.