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Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows

Many times it happens that we delete some important files by mistake. Sometimes it also happens, we delete some files thinking it is no more needed. But after some days we may require the file again. In the same situation this tutorial will help you to recover your permanently deleted files. 

How to recover the deleted files

There is a software called Pandora Recovery which can recover your permanently deleted files. This software will scan your hard disc and if there is any recoverable files available then it will show you an option to recover that file. There is no restriction on the file types. It can recover any types of file types like pictures, songs, documents, videos etc.

You can download Pandora Recovery at
It is a completely free software but very very useful.

How the software works

When you permanently delete your files, it is not actually permanently deleted from your hard disc. Windows simply marks the memory space as free for use by changing a character in the File Allocation Table. So a very important thing is, you need to recover the file before the particular memory space is overwritten by windows. At any time windows can overwrite the file and after the memory space is overwritten nothing can be done.

After installation what to do

How to recover permanently deleted files

  • After installation open Pandora Recovery software. In the left side bar it will show tree view of your entire directory structure.
  • Go to your folder where your deleted file was present.
  • If the file can be recoverable it will show you in the list.
  • Right click on the file and choose Recover to.. option. Then give the path and click Recover Now.
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