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An interesting game for IQ Test

We all know IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. I have made an interesting game for IQ test. This has been written in simple C++. You can smoothly play the game and can check the IQ of others. Just play the game to increase your word power as well as you will be entertained a lot. You can have fun, but you will learn a lot of things. That is what our blog’s tagline.

How to play the game ?

  • This game is played between two persons. 
  • Here one person can check the IQ of the other.
  • At first one person has to set 5 words for IQ test.
  • After setting she/he has to close the window.
  • The other person should reopen it to play the game.
  • In the game the other person can not see the words.
  • So she/he has to guess the letters of the words
  • The person should try to find the words in minimum guess.
  • If one guess is correct the corresponding character will appear in the respective blank space.
  • In this way the person can guess all five words.
  • If the person is not able to guess the word she/he can skip it.
  • After completing all five words the result will be declared.
  • The result is declared on the basis of no of guesses done by him/her.
  • For example if she/he has done 16 guesses to find a 5 letter word then she will get less mark for that word.  
IQ test final result

Can I get its source code ?

  • Yes you can definitely get the source code.
  • This game has been developed for entertainment purpose as well as for educational purpose.
  • To get the source code please send me mail at support@tabgraf.com
  • I will send it to you as soon as it possible.
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