Funny Interesting Internet Programming tricks

How to Edit any Website/Blog in Your Browser

This trick is really interesting. You can edit all the websites present in worldwideweb. You can also add some more texts to a webpage, you can change the position of an image. Again it does not need any extra software. Only by using your existing web browser you can do it.

How to do it ?

    • Just open the webpage you want to edit.
    • Copy and paste the following code in the address bar and press enter.
    javascript:alert ('This webpage is ready for editing');document.body.contentEditable%20=%20'true';%20document.designMode='on';%20void%200
      • This trick is working fine in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. After editing you can go to File–>save as… to save the edited version.  
      • Let me tell you one thing here; all changes are only in the client side and you can only save it in your own computer.
      • Editing the server page is not possible.
      • This trick is only meant for your time pass and fun.
      • You can edit any webpage and can show it to your friend to make him/her fool.
      You can create a cute HTML editor with just 10 lines of JavaScript.