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Create multiple desktops in Windows 7

You might have seen multiple desktops in Mac or Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, XUbuntu etc. Those who have used it, they can understand how really very useful it is. But unfortunately in Windows 7 this facility is not available. But thanks to SONDLE virtual desktop assist. It will help you to create  multiple desktops in Windows.

What is multiple desktops ?

Those who don’t know what is multiple desktop then you must read this.

The desktop which you are seeing now in your computer, is the default desktop. Besides that you can also create some more desktops very similar to the default one. If you are opening some applications or some files in your default desktop then it will not appear in others. Here are some examples for your better understanding.

My deafult desktop
My 1st desktop

How to do it ?

  • Go to this download page of Sondle  to download the software or you can also directly download it from this download link:
  • Download the software and install it.
  • After installation start the application and you will see a horiozontal bar at the bottom right corner just above your date. (The same has been shown in the above 2 figures)
  • You can choose multiple desktops like 0,1,2,3 from there.
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