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Write with your own Indian language in your computer

Yes it is true ! ! ! Now you can type in your own Indian language using Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool. These tools has been launched by Microsoft. It’s really amazing. No need of any other software, no need of any special keyboard. Using your existing keyboard you can type in your own language. Don’t believe it ? Try it once, you will automatically believe it.
  • Go to  and find your language over there. You will find two options, one is install desktop version and the second is install web version. Click on install desktop version and install it. (It is hardly of 2-5 mb)
  • After installation you will find a new icon in your taskbar as shown below.

A new icon appears in the taskbar 

If you are not finding the icon in your task bar then do the following steps to make it appear
  • Go to start menu and type Region and Language, click on it.
  • A window will appear with some tabs. Go to Keyboard and Languages tab.
  • Click on Change Keyboards. A window will appear with 3 tabs. Go to Language Bar tab.
  • There you will find find 3 radio buttons, click on Docked in the task bar option and press OK. You can also Press OK in other windows.
  • Now the new icon will appear in the task bar.

  • Now you are done. Click on the new icon the taskbar set the language to your language.

Example: Here I want to write in Hindi so I am going to click on it.
  • I have installed the Hindi, Oriya and Telugu, that is why you are seeing only those languages in those options. 
  • You can also install Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi and Tamil. 

  • You can now write anywhere in windows in your own language. Here are some examples.

Example of Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool
Example in Hindi and Telugu
You can search in Google in Oriya language and you can also save a file in Oriya
Example in Oriya language
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