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Who created this universe ?

I sometimes wonder, who created this universe ? I asked my mother about this. She said God has created. I moved here and there, asked my friends. My friends said “nobody can answer this question“. I asked some other friends they said “our science has not reached to that level to understand this concept“. Still I was not satisfied. Only one question rising again and again, who created this universe. And if some creator is there then why he created. Some days went. One day it was raining heavily. It was too cold outside. I was just having a sip of tea in my corridor, enjoying the rain. I emptied the cup, put it on the table, again looking out side. Suddenly one bright lightening appear; 3 seconds silent again, then GguDooooomDDoooooom.

Lightening with thunder
Don’t search the word in dictionary, you will not find it. It was just the sound of the thunder. For 1 second I couldn’t understand anything, what was it ? I ran to my mother, sat beside her and felt relaxed. After a while I started again wondering, how could this huge sound be created. Asked my mother, she said it was due to the power of god. Again I was not satisfied with her  answer. That thunder was just an evident which put me into a deep thought. I don’t know how many of you have thought this in your mind, but I have thought this. If you are still reading this topic then you are really interested to know more about this, OK read further to know my feelings. I am sure many of the readers must have just ignored the article after just seeing the title. Those who have ignored, just read the topic you will really like this.

Since that day whenever I hear thunder I just think how could it be created. Just imagine even if you will collide one ton of iron with another one ton, such huge sounds can’t be produced. And if it could be produced it can’t be heard from 11 km distance. But all of you know clouds are just made up off water particle. When one cloud collide with another, such huge sounds are produced. How could tiny water particle make such huge sound which a ton of iron can’t make. After reading this many of you must have ready with a reply to say me about the chemical reactions happening in clouds, bla bla bla. But I will tell you listen listen listen, just don’t tell me anything superficially, go to the depth, go to the electron level if you have read science or think about the basic physical properties if you have never read science. I am just giving you an example for your ease of understanding.
Why nucleus attracts electron ?
Just think about this funny electron and nucleus. In our standard-V science book we have read that nucleus attracts electrons. But I am not here to repeat those boring stuffs again. Rather I will ask whyyyy??
Why nucleus attracts electron ? And I remind you don’t tell me that nucleus is positive charge and electron is negative so they attract. I am again ready with an question why +ve and -ve charge attracts? Are you confused now ? Friends I am not so much stupid that I am unnecessarily typing this article since last 1.5 hours. I am having some strong arguments. You can argue yourself. Just put a big “WHY ?” after each statement then eventually you will reach at such a level where you will have no answer. Just like now, after asking “why +ve charge attracts -ve” you have no answer.

My wondering continues always. Nobody can answer my question, little sad but my curiosity never ends. When I ask my grandparents they starts saying about soul and supreme soul. But again no satisfied answer from them also. Once I had posted some comments about “where universe ends” in some forums. In reply I got that “universe is a sphere so the starting point and ending point is same”, again an unsatisfactory reply. Let me elaborate my doubt here.
Who created the universe ? 
Just imagine you have a laser light which can emit light to infinite miles. Now if you hold your light straight towards the sky and switch on it, definitely the light from it go straight and it will go at 300000 kms per second. It continues proceeding straight, and one day it will reach at the end of the universe. Now the real confusion starts. If the universe has an end then definitely the light will reach at the end of the universe after some years. Lets take after traveling some 9999999999 light years distance it reaches at the end of the universe, then what is present at the 9999999999 light years+0.00001cm distance. Isn’t  it a really mind blowing question. Have you thought it before. To make you understand I have given the pond example. 

In pond the water ends does not mean that everything ends there. The mud and punk starts where the water ends. So always something exists there at the end of something. Similarly tell me what is present after the end of the universe.
On the contrary if you will think that universe does not has an end, then my question is how it is possible that something has not an end. How it could be made. If someone has made this universe then why he made it ? If god has created universe then who created god ? Now just twist your mind and think. If lets take some 999999999 trillion years ago universe was created. Then what was there 1 day before 999999999 trillion years ago. That means 1 day before 999999999 trillion years ago, universe was not there, then how god was there if the universe does not exist. I know you are now completely frustrated reading this article.

Some says universe has been created by a big bang that means initially nothing was there and after an explosion everything has been created. Simply saying, the entire universe has been created out of nothing. Nothing does not mean “zero”, rather nothing means null. If everything was null initially, means no earth, no stars, no planets, no sun, no moon, no galaxies then how could these huge things can be created out of nothing. For an example earth has some elements like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Aluminum, Iron, Calcium and many more. How these elements were created out of nothing. Just for a joke I can ask “can you make a delicious dish out of nothing ?” 

One major question also arises here why the big bang occurred. Simply saying why the “NULL” was exploded and created the entire universe. I am sure there must  be some hidden power behind this explosion. We call that super natural power as GOD. God is definitely there, otherwise big bang would not have occurred. Nobody can deny the existence of GOD.

Hmmmmmm, after typing for 2.5 hours I think to terminate my words. I will just ask a final question to all, though I know nobody can answer it ? My question is “Now we look some parts of the universe by telescope. It looks like some bright stars in the dark sky. But how the universe was looking like before the creation of universe?”
See I have deliberately written universe twice in my above question because I could not find any word to write in place of the 1st universe. 

 I think my doubt will never be cleared. The mystery continues and my wondering continues……..
  • Anonymous

    very interesting topic u've chosen, and an interesting article u've written…a bit confused as it is a mystery of being created the universe…

  • Thanks…..Actually I have been thinking about this topic since my childhood. At that time I was too young to express my words. But now I am mature enough to express it successfully. Anyway, lets see when the mystery will be clarified.