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Some Interesting Windows 7 tricks

1. How to show/hide your recycle bin from your desktop

You must have marked, the Recycle bin can not be deleted from your desktop and also when you install an operating system the only thing you will find on your desktop is the Recycle bin. It might sometimes happen that your recycle bin sometimes disappear from your desktop, and if at the same time you want to restore some deleted files, then you will really become impatient. 

There are some other instances also, when some persons might try to keep their desktop completely clean. They may want to remove all the desktop icons and to make it completely clean. But the Recycle bin is the only icon which they can’t delete from desktop.

Show/Hide Recycle Bin
  • But fortunately all of your problems can be solved in just one line. Go to Start menu and type desktop icons in the search box. Click on the Show or hide common icons on the desktop.
  • A window will appear as shown in the figure. Just ensure that the Recycle Bin check box is checked or unchecked.
  • You can Show/Hide your Recycle Bin from here.
  • You can also change the folder icon for Recycle Bin from here.
  • So finally your problem is over. Next time if you find that Recycle bin is not present on the desktop, don’t be impatient.

2. How to convert windows 7 style Taskbar to windows xp style


Windows 7 style taskbar
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Windows xp style taskbar with large icon
Windows xp style taskbar with small icon

  • Right click in taskbar Do you really like the windows xp style task-bar.
  • Don’t worry you can get it back in Windows 7 also. Just right click in the open area of the task-bar as shown in the left side figure. 
  • Click on properties. A new window will appear.
  • Click on the “Taskbar buttons” drop-down menu and select “Combine when taskbar is full“. 
  • After doing click apply, the task bar will look like as the second task bar as shown in above figures.
  • If you want still some icons then click on the “Use small icons” check box and make it checked, click apply.
  • After doing this the task bar will look like the 3rd task bar as shown in above figures.
Task bar and Start Menu properties

3. An amazing thing happens in Microsoft Word

We all use Microsoft Word almost everyday but still don’t know this. Its really amazing.
Just open your Microsoft word and type, 

=rand (5)

and now press enter. What happened ? Got confused ?

Note: If you are using MS Word 2003 or earlier then type
=rand.old (5)
and press enter. You will see the miracle.

If you want to insert pseudo-Latin sample text in MS Word then type
=lorem ()
and press enter. You will see a sample paragraph.

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4. Folder name magic trick

Create a new folder on you desktop and try to give it a name using one of the following


Now tell me what happens. Could you save it in the name CON. Are you getting the following

Saving a file with name "CON"
Explanation for this: Those device names are reserved for windows, so you can not name a folder using those words.  
However there is a trick by which you can make folder names with CON. Read this post to know how.