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Some interesting websites for your timepass

  1. Just have some fun with following link. I am sure you will really like some.
    Generate your custom sign
  2. Check if your senses working correctly or not.
    Check your senses
  3. Male and female brains works differently.
    Check your brain (Enter your name click next)
  4. Want to know how fast your brain perceive something and how much time it takes to react to a situation.
    Check reaction time
    Reaction time
  5. Try one amazing mind reading trick. I could not even inspect how a software can read our mind. Are you confuse now ? But it's really working.
    Mind Reader
    Mind reader
  6. Read lyrics while playing the music. Yes it is very easy now. Just with a single click you can see the lyrics of all songs while playing it. Don't you believe it ? I have already checked it for windows media player, it is really works.
    Lyrics plugin
    Read lyrics
    Want to create somebody's face online ? Yes if you will give a little effort you can build an exact face of a person. Just create some pictures of your friends and send them.
    Online face creator