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Some Interesting Tricks For Internet Explorer

Now I am going to show you some tricks for Internet Explorer. This will be definitely very very useful to you and will make your work easy.

1. Are you bored with writing “www” & “.com” ?
Don’t worry there is a trick, without entering  “www” & “.com” you can also enter the URL. For example you want to enter Instead of writing the entire URL you just write example-site and then press ctrl+enter. Automatically internet explorer will take the URL as 

2. Want full screen for a wide and enlarged view ?
Just press f11, the entire screen will be enlarged. To bring back to the original view just press f11 again.

3. Want to decrease the text size and images ?
Hold the control key and then move down the wheel on the mouse. The screen size will be reduced including text and images.

4. Want to delete saved user ID and password in IE (deleting cookies)

How to delete cookies
You need to go to Tools->Internet Options.
You can find “Tools” button directly on the right side of your browser, if it is not there then press the alt key on your keyboard, a horizontal bar will appear on the top of your browser containing “Tools” button.

After pressing “Internet Options” another window will appear containing some tabs. In the “General” tab you can find a delete button. You can delete your cookies, temporary files, browsing history and saved passwords by pressing the delete button. There will be a settings button beside the Delete button.If you want you can also set your settings over there.

5. Want your browser to never save user ID and passwords (block cookies)

Disable cookies
Sometimes you want to block cookies for all websites. Some times you may also want the browser to never save user ID and passwords. Yes your solution is here. Read further to know how ?
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Go to the “Internet options” in the same procedure as mention in trick 4.
Then go to “Privacy” tab.
In the “Privacy” tab you can find one slider. Move the slider to top most position to block all cookies from all websites.
In this case all cookies which have already stored in computer even not accessible by other websites.

6.Want to know when a webpage was last edited ?
When a webpage last editedSometimes you might want to know when a particular webpage was last edited by the website owner.
There is a very simple but amazing trick for this.
Just open the website, copy the following code to address bar and press enter.

You will see a same type of message as shown here with date and time when the webpage was last edited.

7. Want to bring your blinker to webpage (Caret Browsing)
Some times you may want your blinker to be present in a webpage so that you can move updown by pressing the keyboard arrow buttons. You can also use home, end, pg up and pg down button. This is called Caret Browsing. To do this just press F7. It will ask for you to enable caret browsing.

8. How to disable tabbed browsing

You may sometimes wish to open internet explorer without tabbed mode.
In this mode internet explorer will open but there will be no option to open a new tab.

To enable this go to “Internet Options” as said in trick 4. Then click on the “Settings” button present at the bottom part of the window as shown in the figure.

Another window will open where the first check box will be to enable/disable tabbed browsing.

Just uncheck it if you don’t want tabbed browsing. Click OK.
Then you need to restart your browser to see its effect. 

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