Amazing Internet Techniques Tricks

Some interesting and amazing Google tricks

Just try these amazing Google tricks. These are really very very interesting. All of us use Google everyday but still don’t know these hidden tricks. Learn these and share them to your friends.

1. Do a barrel roll

360 degree rotation
  • Just search for Do a barrel roll in Google.
  • You will see the entire screen will make a 360 degree rotation.
  • Is not it amazing ? Don’t think it is a bug or error. Google has made this deliberately. Most of you might not have seen this.
  • Working fine in: Mozilla Firefox browser

2. Google tilt search

  • Tilt the screenSearch for tilt in Google. You will see an amazing thing which you would have ever seen.
  • What you saw ? Ooops……..
  • The screen is tilted slightly towards right. Are you confused now ?
  • Working fine in: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browser

3. Google heart search

Create a heart with Google search
  • Search for following in Google.(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(190*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.5)*(7-x*x)^0.1395, from -5 to 5
  • You will see this amazing heart. Is not it a very good gift for your girl friend ?
  •  Working fine in: Mozilla Firefox


4. binary

Search for binary in Google.

No. of search results in binary

You might have observed that the no. of search results generally comes in decimal. But here in this case it is binary.  
Working fine in: All browsers

5. recursion

  • Did you mean: recursionSearch for recursion in Google.
  • Google will ask you back “Did you mean: recursion“.
  • Generally Google asks “Did you mean” when there occurs some spelling mistake. Are you confused ?
  • Working fine in: All browsers

  6. qingming

I also could not believe this when I saw it. But it is really happening. Still don’t believe this ? Check it now. Just search for qingming in Google.


After searching for qingming, scroll down to see these buffalo.
Working fine in: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers

7. anagram

Did you mean: nag a ram
  • Search for anagram in Google.
  • Surprisingly Google will ask you back “Did you mean: nag a ram“.
  • Actually anagram means a word formed by rearranging its letters, such as team, formed from meat.
  • Working fine in: All browsers

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