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Learn some hidden tricks of windows 7

How to make a folder completely hidden

Many times you might have tried to make a folder completely hidden so that nobody can see it. But I know you must have failed to do so. If you make a folder just hidden then anybody can see it by clicking on “Show hidden files and folders”. So that is of no use.

But there is an amazing trick to make a folder completely hidden. Nobody can see it by any means. Just do the following steps.
  • Make a folder in any of your drive. For example I am creating a folder named “ExampleFolder” in D: drive.
  • Now open command prompt.
  • Then type  attrib +s +h D:Example in command prompt and press enter.
  • Now go and see your folder, it would be completely hidden. If it is still visible then just press the refresh button or press f5 to refresh the window.
  • To view your folder again type  attrib -s -h D:Example in command prompt and press enter.
  • You can now hide any folder just by changing the path D:Example
In this method if you will go to “Folder and search options”->”view”->”Show hidden files, folders and drives”, then also your folder will not be visible. I think it will be really helpful to you. But remember one thing, never forget your folder name, otherwise it will remain invisible forever.

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How to record your activity in windows 7

You can now record your each and every click that you are making in windows 7 and finally you can make a html report for it directly. It will be really helpful to you if you are trying to describe some problem steps to somebody or if you are trying to give some instructions to somebody.

Problem Steps Recorder
  • Type PSR in start menu. Click on the Problem Steps Recorder.
  • Click “Start Record”, now everything is ready for recording.
  • When you will click somewhere every activity will be recorded. It will also save all of your page snapshots.
  • When you click “Stop Record” a popup window will open to save the zip file.
  • After saving go inside it and see what is there inside.
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    How to copy multiple items to clipboard in windows 7

    Sometimes you might need to copy multiple items to clipboard. If you are writing some heavy document, you may need to copy a text and an image to clipboard simultaneously. Now your tension is over. TenClips will make your work easy. There will be about 10 clipboards to copy different contents. You just need to change to different clipboard to copy and paste the contents. Just do the following steps.
    How to copy items to multiple clipboard.
    • Right click on the icon, you can see all the available options like File, Settings, Go to etc.
    • You can see the settings to change the shortcut keys of different clipboard.
    • Default shortcut keys for the clipboards are Clipboard1: Ctrl+1, Clipboard2: Ctrl+2,Clipboard3: Ctrl+3,Clipboard4: Ctrl+4,Clipboard5: Ctrl+5,Clipboard6: Ctrl+6,Clipboard7: Ctrl+7,Clipboard8: Ctrl+8,Clipboard9: Ctrl+9,Clipboard10: Ctrl+10.
    How to use 
    • Press Ctrl+1, clipboard 1 will be selected.
    • Copy certain image from your computer.
    • Press Ctrl+2, clipboard 2 will be selected.
    • Copy certain video from your computer.
    • Go to desktop and paste by Ctrl+v.
    • Definitely the video will be pasted because the clipboard 2 has been selected.
    • Now press Ctrl+1 to select Clipboard 1 and again paste by Ctrl+v.
    • You can see the image being pasted.
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