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How to publish to your blog using Microsoft Word

Now a days everybody is getting shortage of time. You will never get enough time to comfortably sit on your chair and manage your blog. It also takes a lot of time to login to your blog account and create a new post. But there is a very very interesting technique for this. You can post a topic to your blog within 5 minutes. Its really amazing. Now a days almost all has Microsoft Word in your PC. Yes, you can post to your blog using MSWord. You will also get a very good advantage from this. As you all know MSWord is very user friendly, you will get a lot of options to format your post. Just go through the following steps.

How to publish to your blog using Microsoft Word
  • Open MS Word and go to the menu button present at the top left corner of MS Word as shown in figure.
  • Now go to “Publish”->”Blog”
  • A new window will appear with an editor and tool bars. It may also ask you to register your blog account. You can choose register later if you want to do it later.
  • Now the real job starts, i.e writing the content of your post.
  • Don’t forget to write the post title present at the top of the editor, which will be the title of your blog post.
  • You can also insert different shapes, picture, symbols, chart, word art, tables etc.

To manage your account you can click on the icon “Manage Accounts” as shown in the figure. You can also create multiple account here. Press “New”, it will ask you to select the Blog provider. MS Word offers you some blog providers name to choose from the list, they are Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, SharePoint blog, Community Server, TypePad, WordPress and other.

How to create your blog account in Microsoft Word

  • Select your service provider and click next, it will ask you to provide username and password.
  • Enter valid username and password exactly which you use to login to your blog account. It will then contact the server and will post it.
  • You will also get another option whether to upload images or not. If you will choose the option “My server” then it will ask you for “Upload URL” and “Source URL”.
  • Don’t worry you will understand everything once you start doing this.
If you still have some queries then visit this, Microsoft’s own website.
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