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How to add meta tags to your blog in blogger

Create a meta tag for your blog

Meta tag is very very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It describes the search engine about the content of your blog alternatively saying it’s a brief description about your blog. Mentioning a good meta tag is very very essential. It should contain some best keywords relevant to your blog. When somebody found your website he/she will come to know about your website from the meta tag itself. But it is found that many beginners in bloggers are not aware of this tag. They just neglect it. But if by following a couple of simple steps you can set a good meta tag for your blog then why you will leave it.

How to add meta tag to your blog

Hope now you have understood the importance of meta tag. Just follow these simple steps to integrate it with your blogger.

For new Blogger interface

How to add meta tag to your blog
  • In new blogger interface go to “Settings”->”Search preferences” which is present in the left side menu bar as shown in the figure. 
  • There you will find a row for Meta tags. Just click on it and write your meta tag. 
  • After writing the meta tag, make sure that the radio button “Enable search description ?” has been selected to “Yes”.
  •  Click “Save changes”/”OK”. 
  • There will be a limitation of 150 characters to set your meta tag. 
  • So give the best keywords which is suitable for your blog. 
  • Don’t repeat the same keyword twice. 
  • First think about your blog’s content, make some suitable keywords, write them in MSword. 
  • In MSword you can check the number of characters including space in a sentence. 
  • Delete those keyword which has less importance. 
  • Optimize the entire description within 150 letters. 
  • I am giving you an example how to write. If your blog is about social networking and webdesign, then you can write “A blog about social networking and webdesign.”

For old Blogger interface

For old blogger interface you have to manually write the meta tag by editing the html code, you need to work little hard here. Just do the following steps.

Edit HTML in blogger

Go to “Design”->”Edit HTML”. You will find an editor. Search for the string “<head>” or you can also search for the string “<head”. Because some times the head tag will be like “<head  blah blah blah blah blah>”, so it is better to search for “<head”. Now put the following lines of code after <head> and before </head> tag.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta name="description" content="A blog about Social Networking"/>
Note: You need to replace the text which is in italics with your description according to your blog.
Let me explain you the above code. Here you are giving a condition that if URL is equal to your Home page URL then it will accept the given meta description. Hey don’t forget to save your template before checking your blog.

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