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3 usernames 3 passwords, Facebook ! ! ! !

You will be surprised to know that your Facebook account has 3 usernames and 3 passwords. But, get relaxed. It has been done officially by Facebook. Are you so much anxious to know those IDs and passwords ? Have patience and read the followings carefully.

What are the usernames ?

1st Username:
This is your Facebook username which comes in your address bar of your browser if you visit your own profile. Actually Facebook username is an optional, if you have already set up your username then you can use it while login. You can also see your Facebook username in the Account Settings as shown below.

See your Facebook username in account settings

Your Facebook username is also your Facebook email address. If till now you have not got your Facebook username then get it at . I can give you an example. If your Facebook username is example123 then in the URL of your profile page it will appear as And also your Facebook email ID is So you can also login using example123 as your username.

2nd Username:
It is the default email address which you generally use to login to your Facebook account. For example if my email which is associated with my Facebook account is then I can use it as my Facebook username.

3rd Username:
If you have given your mobile number in Facebook then also you can use it as your username.

What are the passwords ?

1st Password:  
It is your original password which you generally use to login your Facebook account.

2nd Password:  
Facebook does not care about the case of your 1st letter of your password. You can type it in either uppercase or lowercase. For example if your password is Example123 then you can write the first letter as either ‘e’ or ‘E’. That means you can also write it as example123. This facility will be really very useful in mobile devices.

3rd Password:  
Just convert the upper case letters of your password to lower case and vice-versa, you will get the 3rd password. For example if your password is Example123 then you can also write it as eXAMPLE123. This will be helpful if by mistake you have made the caps lock on. 

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