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Store Your Files And Documents In Google Drive

A very good news for the people, those who were searching here and there to store their files and documents in world wide web. Be cool, no need to waste your time, Google has recently launched a storage site called Google Drive where you can store your files, share your files to anybody over world wide web.

Google Drive

What are the new Features

  1. You can design new spread sheet, presentation and document instantly.
  2. Store your personal files and documents up to 5 GB free.
  3. When you are sending mail to somebody no need to attach huge documents, rather just send the link to that file in Google drive. This will make your email processing faster.
  4. You can share those files, videos, pictures to your circle in google +.
  5. You can instantly search for your files in Google drive by their corresponding file name, file type etc.
  6. A very amazing and special feature is that it can also recognize any object inside a picture and also read the text from your scanned documents also.
  7. You can open 30 different file types like HD video, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc. in your browser without even installing the required software.
  8. You can share your documents to others and also they can edit and comment on it.
  9. It will track every change you made to a file in revision wise so that whenever required you can see your previous revisions and also you can go to file revision 30 days before.
  10. It will be available for PC and Mac, iPhone and iPad and Android devices
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    • Google drive gives you 5GB free space to store your files.
    • If you want more then upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month.