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Put Share Button And Increase Your Website Traffic

Today in world wide web a lot of social networking and social news websites are there. The best way to promote your websites is to share your content to those websites. When some one will visit your site and find something really interesting or amazing then he/she may wish to share the content to facebook, twitter, digg etc. But now a days people are so lazy that they will rarely copy the URL and share it. 
So the best way to help your visitors sharing the content of your websites is to put a sharing button. I will personally suggest you to use the sharing button of  AddThis.

This button is just like an all in one button. It will allow you to post your content to more than 300 social networking and social news websites. 

How to Create This

    • Just goto AddThis website, and register there
    • After login you will find plugins to integrate the button to your websites. The following plugins are available. 
    share button plugins and styles
    • You can directly select a radio button for which you want to integrate the share button.
    • You can also select a format in which you want to display your share button. I personally like the 1st and 2nd one.
    • If you are integrating it for Blogger then it will be automatically inserted just by pressing one install button. After you install, it will appear under each post in your blog.
    • If you are doing it for a website then you have to copy and paste the code.
    • You can also add vertical share bar. This has a fixed position in your screen. It will not shift as you scroll your page. It will be placed at the left side of your screen. You might have seen this in other websites.
    • You can also create a horizontal bar which will be initially not visible but as you scroll down it will drop down from the top of your screen. This also maximizes your traffic.