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How To Increase Your Website’s/Blog’s Traffic ?

Who doesn’t want to increase his/her blog’s/website’s traffic ? Today I am going to tell you some  important steps to increase your traffic. But for this you need to work little hard. I have already implemented the same in my blogs and I am getting fruitful result. Just go through following steps.
  1. There are a lot of social networking websites where a bunch of currents affairs, news and technologies are updated daily by different users from different corners of the world.
  2. Such websites are digg, reddit, facebook, twitter, squidoo and many more. What you will do with these websites ? Read further to know.
  3. After posting something in your websites or blogs you need to submit your link in these websites.
  4. To do so, you need to just sign up in those websites, and submit your link there. By seeing your link, other members will visit your site. There will be also different categories like “science”, “technology”, “videos” etc. You can submit you link in a particular category also.
  5. But till now your work is not over. Just after posting the link, no one will visit your site, no one will give you comments. Then what is the next step ? Read further to know.
  6. You need to gather confidence among the users otherwise why unnecessarily somebody will visit your links. To do so you have to regularly visit websites like digg, reddit, facebook, twitter etc. , browse through different categories like “technology”, “science”, “videos” (applicable only for Digg and Reddit)etc. and give  some valuable comments over there.
  7. Once you give your comments, one notification will go to all other members who have already commented in the same topic. So finally seeing the notification they may visit your site. (Also read how add Facebook comments plugin to your blog)
  8. By this process you will be getting  two benefits, first and the obvious one is you will get a lot of traffic to your websites and the second one is you will be updated with the current affairs.
  9. Regularly commenting in those websites will also lead to another benefit i.e others will start recognizing you and they will behave you as a special person. They may also follow you, may subscribe to your website, may bookmark it. But the key for all these result is to gather confidence.
  10. You can apply the same techniques in different forums, blogs and other websites also.
  11. Everywhere you need to remember only one thing, you are not directly telling or forcing somebody to go to your site, rather gradually they will perceive you as a valuable person and will be automatically attracted towards your links and websites.
  12. I am also giving one important site which will help you to quickly post your links in different websites. It is Read further to know how to use it.
  13. Just go to the website, in the right side you will get fields like URL, Title, Text, Tags. Just fill up them, then click on the “Post” link present next to their website’s name where you want to post your links. (You may also read about how to scan the short URLs)
  14. Before doing so, make sure that you are currently logged in to that website where you are going to post the link.
  15. I will personally suggest you to do this technique in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Digg.
  16. I have also done that for my blogs and getting fruitful result.
Hope this tutorial will help you to gather traffic for your websites and blogs, All the best.