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Childhood Memories With Super Mario

Today I am going to remember you your childhood. Everybody of you must have played this game. I am saying about one incident of my past life. When I was just 10 years old, Super Mario was so popular. At that time everybody were playing this game in TV. There was a machine where a cassette to be inserted and it will be connected to TV. Unfortunately I did not have this machine and cassette. 
But fortunately there were some video game playing center who were taking Rs. 10 for 1 hour. For those video game center Super Mario was good source of income. I use to go there twice or thrice a week. I was so fond of this game that even I used to save my pocket money to play this game. At that time my father was giving me 5 rupees for my breakfast. I used to save 2 rupees everyday, so in 5 days I could gather Rs. 10. And also officially I was taking Rs. 10 from my father in each week to play this game. This was my childhood. Just enjoy…..

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Super Mario

Hope you remember the above picture.